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Five User Types

Moderator, Researcher, Client, Respondent, and Translator – each has its own set of capabilities and permissions.


Group chats as well as direct messaging – viewing and participating in these chats is dependent upon user type.


Timestamped notes for your eyes only. You can re-access these notes once the groups are complete to revisit key moments.

HD Downloads

Instantly available after completion. And they’re free because why would you charge extra for footage you already paid for?

Editor Mode

Select the best clips and download them directly from the platform to make your own highlight reel.


Show respondents still images, short-form, and long-form content.


Three different poll types including open-ended, single choice, and multiple choice.


Both the moderator and respondents can show what they have going on.


Free, clickable, and downloadable. Trust us, they’re fantastic.

Enhanced Lobby.

In designing Mycroft, we sought to incorporate the best elements from the real-world facility experience. No other platform offered an effective way to rescreen. In our lobby, you can give respondents an additional survey upon entry which then populates a grid. You can easily compare their responses and make the best decision for you as to who to take. Beyond direct messaging and a lobby group chat, you can also invite respondents to a 1-on-1 video chat rescreen to further verify that they will be an engaged participant.

Image Quality.

Given that we were born out of a video production company, it’s only right that we’re a bit image obsessed. We know how much your clients love seeing a video deliverable in your presentations but existing online qual footage doesn’t lend itself to editing. So, instead of just recording the grid view, we also record each individual respondent’s feed separately. This results in 720p HD footage of each person allowing the editing team at Point to cut together impactful, top quality videos highlighting your insights. These Point videos are intended to be upsold to the client and open up an additional revenue stream for your company.

Full-Time Support.

With Mycroft, you can expect three Michelin-star level service throughout the course of your project. Send us your polls and stim as late as the night before and we will get it all queued up for you. We tech check each and every respondent days before the groups to ensure that their setup will meet your needs and that they are ready to go on the day of. Additionally, our system is built to allow you to easily make any last-minute changes on your own should you need to.  Every project has dedicated tech support for the entirety of the groups. There is no wait time. We reply within seconds of your request. We work hard to build the best, most stable platform out there, but we plan to smoothly navigate all users through any issues that may arise.


Let your brand bask in the limelight by customizing the platform with your logo and colors. You can even securely host it on your URL. It is your online qual service after all. Your brand, your clients, your rates – Mycroft is just here to make you shine.

International Reach.

As more brands have a larger global footprint, it is essential that you have the ability to provide them with the same high-quality research services they’re used to back home. With our simultaneous translation functionality, you’re able to follow along as your local partner translates every word so you don’t miss a beat. The final files are available with both native and simtran audio so you are still able to add subtitles and hear the actual respondents’ voices should you like.

Password protection, watermark overlay.

Privacy is central to market research. Unlike other platforms which run on notoriously insecure technology, Mycroft is built on Amazon Web Services which is second to none. That’s why they are trusted by the likes of Netflix, GE and NASA. Everything is encrypted using the highest standard security protocols. All groups are password-protected with unique passwords for each type of user. All stim has an overlay of the respondent’s name.

“It is often hard to find business partners who are artistic and creative, and who have a keen awareness of deadlines, client interactions, etc. Mycroft is one of very few organizations I have worked with over the years that excels in both the expressive and organizational sides of business  They are professional, innovative, and punctual. Their ability to think outside the box and problem solve makes working with them a pleasure. I consider Mycroft an invaluable partner in providing inventive solutions for me and my team.”

— Shannon Marrs, Founder and Chief Client Advocate, Chirp Research

“In the past year I have used many on-line research platforms, none have worked better than Mycroft. Mycroft was built for today’s tech needs and is much easier for respondents and clients to use. Everything is intuitive and everything is at your fingerprints. The ability to bring respondents to and from the lobby gives me assurance that I will always have full groups with the right people. The ease of using polls, showing material and the multi-chat function make point my go to platform when planning on line qualitative research. The support team and the platforms quest to constantly upgrade and improve are second to none.”

— Jeff Hall, Executive Vice President, National Research Group

“Your platform and team are my favorite to work with (other than our platform! ;)) You guys make my life so EASY and I feel like the process is very seamless. So THANK YOU! I always have a sense of relief when I see it is your team I am working with.”

— Fieldwork Recruiter

As research video producers, we've spent almost a decade traveling across the US and the world with you, from airport lounges to facilities and back again.

For almost a decade, we’ve traveled across the US and the world with you, from lounge to Marriott to facility and back again. We’ve had our fair share of Keurigs and overpriced fruit platters. We’ve taken unused workout clothes on more trips than our spouses. We’ve shined together under fluorescent lights and heard you laugh behind the glass, hoping that no one heard in front room (we did). Somewhere along the way, we became curious,

“Why don’t more clients run groups online?”

The answers were always “It’s just not the same,” or “There are always tech issues.” But what if someone made a platform that didn’t look like the first operating system ever invented? What if it had high quality video and all the features you need? What if it simplified everyone’s workflow and allowed you to do things that you couldn’t do in person? We got to work doing what anyone who had spent over ten thousand hours in qualitative research would do… qualitative research. We questioned, we probed, we investigated and then we executed.

The result is Mycroft.

Having a truly beautiful, feature-rich, and easy to use platform is all the more important today due to the pandemic. We hope our product delights you and your clients so that no matter what happens in the future, online qual will have its proper place in your research toolkit.

Look how we compare.

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Enhanced Lobby
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Editor Mode

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